How to remove the BA Falcon’s ICC

So, after making sure I was able to hook a computer up to the ICC, I pulled the trigger on a touchscreen for the LCD in Ford’s BA Falcon ICC. eBay member cnx00x sell’s them. ICCWhen I bought mine they were $99 with $13 shipping. Not cheap, but after receiving mine, and using it, it’s definitely well worth it.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to actually install the touch screen. For now, this is how to remove the ICC itself.
I should note here, that this is a guide only. If you do decide to do this yourself, I’m not responsible for any damage that you may cause. I would recommend reading the whole post before attempting this.
The ICC is a very delicate and expensive piece of equipment. You do not want to take any shortcuts when playing around with it.
I have heard many stories about the ICC. I’ve even seen someone destroy theirs by not being careful enough. If something happens to your ICC you will not be able to start your car, as it is connected to your immobilser as well. If you have to replace it, they are pricey buggers, starting at well above $1k, and you’ll have to tow your car to Ford to get it installed and connected to your new car with their fancy computers. Not a cheap mistake. I’v seen it happen before. One of the stories I heard though was that you cannot let the ICC be tipped at any angle further than a certain degree. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but I’m not willing to find out.

First thing you’ll want to do is disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.
Now, you will have to remove the shifter surround by pulling it away at the edges. I found it easiest to pull it away from the side closest to the ICC.
Shifter Surround

Then you’ll need to remove the two screws holding the plastic side ‘wings’ in place, and remove them.Wing Screws

Remove the two screws holding the tissue box, then remove the tissue box. Make sure you disconnect the cigarette lighter plug at the back.Tissue Holder

Now to disconnect the cables under the ICC. You will have to do this in the order shown in the pic, that is, from driver’s side to passenger side. The battery has been disconnected, so it shouldn’t matter, but better safe than sorry. If the battery is connected, you’ll hear a lot of relay chatter if you do it in any other order. Also disconnect the antenna cable.ICC Plugs

Take off the plastic panel at the top. This might be blank, have gauges or a clock, but either way its the same. Just stick a credit card in the back of it, closest to the windscreen, and pry up. Then pull it forward to remove. If you do have gauges or a clock, disconnect them as well.Top Panel

Unscrew the screw holding the ICC at the top.Top Screw

Unscrew the 4 bolts holding in the ICC.ICC Bolts

ICC Removed

Making sure you are supporting the ICC properly, pull it forward and out. I held it from the top and bottom. Take great care not to tip it on too much of an angle, and place it down standing up right.

When pulling it out, take note of the picture below for the 4 clips holding the ICC into the car.clips

Installation is just the reverse of these instructions. Make sure not to reconnect the battery until you have plugged everything back in.
Also, makes sure the large white plug that connects to the ICC on the dash is pulled forward fully before inserting the ICC back into your dash. And the plugs at the bottom of the ICC will need to be connected in reverse order, that is, from passenger side to drivers side.

In my next post I’ll show you how to actually remove the LCD screen and install the touch screen. Forgot to take pictures while doing it, so will do it again this weekend.


One thought on “How to remove the BA Falcon’s ICC

  1. Alan

    Thanks, Very helpful. Doesn’t show you where the wires are it the book now I know. Mine keeps blacking out so no aircon or anything else


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